Exercise Resurgence 1993

1990's Germans.Hypothetical 1993 NATO exercise with reinforced British Para Company clearing a village held by a reduced German Panzer Grenadier Company.

As one of our first games using Crossfire for a ‘Modern’ game we pitted my 1980’s Falklands War British Paras against Kieran’s newly painted up modern (1990+) Germans in a NATO training exercise. My Brits would be supported by light armour in the form of a pair of CVR(T)’s (i.e. a Scorpion & a Scimitar), and the Germans had integral LAW (Panzerfaust 3’s) and a supporting Milan ATGW team. Nearby some Mechanics in a Fuchs Transport Panzer are repairing a Leopard II MBT from the previous day’s exercise (as an excuse to get Kieran’s new vehicles on table as well)!


Maintenance Time – Pre-Exercise, a Leopard II has broken down during the morning, and a maintenance team in a Fuchs Transport Panzer are on hand to make repairs. Both models are Revell kits by Kieran. (Unfortunately this photo is horribly over exposed by ‘lens flaring’ due to facing the sun coming through a window when it was taken).


Cautious Advance – The First Platoon of the Parachute Regiment Company advance through a small field. Figures are a mix of the now defunct Hotspur Miniatures (now Combat Miniatures), and another unknown brand (Platoon 20?), from John’s collection. Hedges are by K&M.


Fire Support – A Scorpion, ‘Sabre‘, moves up in support of the Paras. The fence is home made by John from match sticks. (Again the curse of direct sun in the lens has wrecked the photo I’m afraid).


Achtung! – Part of the 1st German Panzer Grenadier Platoon open up on the advancing Paras from the Apple Orchard. Figures are Liberation Miniatures (i.e. R H Models Ltd)  from Kieran’s collection. Again the fence is home made by John from match sticks.


ATGW! – German Milan team cover the flank of the Infantry in the previous photo. They are watching for any Armour that tries to come up the main road to bypass their position (They are looking down a side road that runs from the main road into the orchard). Liberation Miniatures again from Kieran’s collection.


The Initial Assault – Photo of the centre and right of the British attack, the defending German Platoon’s position in the orchard is visible in the centre rear of the photo, and the main road off to the left. The leading Para platoon has come under fire with two Squads suppressed in the central gully, and one on the high ground to the right. ‘Sabre’ is cautiously moving up in support.


The Centre – Another shot, this time from the British right flank, showing the centre of the battlefield, and part of the village. In the centre ‘Sabre‘ and the Para MG Platoon have been moving up to support the leading rifle platoon, however they have come under fire from a second German Platoon in another small orchard in the centre rear of the photo. The buildings are a mix of TimeCast 15mm (some modified) and scratch built models from Kieran’s collection.


The Other Side – A shot from behind the right rear of the German positions this time, showing the balance of the village and the broken down Leopard II.


Centre Rear – Shot from behind the centre of the German positions (with the real world sun again wreaking havoc with the photo).


More Fire Support – The MG Platoon have made it onto the low ridge in support of the 1st Platoon in the Gully, although they have suffered Pins & Suppressions from the PzGr’s in the Apple Orchard. Meanwhile ‘Sabre’ has moved off to the left to deal with the Germans in the second orchard (supported by a rifle squad from 2nd Platoon who have occupied the yellow & grey house on the left of the picture).


More Germans! – Looking from the Right side of the British positions, some more Germans have just appeared in the red brick house by the central road intersection, they are actually firing a Panzerfaust 3 down the road at ‘Bulldog‘, a Scimitar, which is on the main road intersection in the left of the photo.


Bulldog! – A panoramic shot of ‘Bulldog‘, by the village memorial statue, engaging the German infantry in the red brick house (upper right of photo) with it’s 30mm cannon (and rather ineffectually too)!


Retribution – In the centre rear the 3rd Para Platoon has outflanked the Germans in the small orchard (centre top) and assaulted them from behind, clearing this objective. ‘Bulldog‘ has then advanced up the road and has joined ‘Sabre’ in a combined barrage of the red brick house at the intersection – it soon disappears in a prolonged volley of 30mm and 76mm fire. In the left foreground the 1st Platoon continues to remain pinned down, by both the Germans in the Apple Orchard, and a sniper in the trees beyond the red brick house (the latter has a clear shot down the gully so is proving very effective at suppressing the Paras).


In the Centre Again – Close up of ‘Bulldog‘ and ‘Sabre‘ as they pound the red brick house. 3rd Para Platoon can be seen occupying the small orchard they have just cleared. The Squad from 2nd Platoon on the left is actually occupying the yellow & grey house. The buildings are a mix of TimeCast 15mm (some modified) and comparable scratch built models from Kieran’s collection.


The Gully – Close up of part of the pinned down 1st Platoon and the supporting MG Platoon on the ridge behind. A sniper firing down the gully from the right (beyond the village out of shot) is causing havoc with 1st Platoon. The rough ground in the foreground is home made by Kieran, while the hills are (from the desert terrain range of the now defunct) Geo-Hex, from John’s collection.


Goodbye Red Brick House! – ‘Bulldog‘ and ‘Sabre‘ eliminate the German Squad at the intersection – along with the house they were occupying! It’s now been replaced with a suitable ruined building rubble pile!


Apple Orchard – Things are getting tough, the 1st Panzer Grenadier Platoon are still holding their own, but are being threatened with being outflanked. They have yet to face a concerted attack by the 1st Para Platoon and it’s supporting MMGs however.


Oops! – ‘Bulldog‘ dashes up the road a bit too eagerly and cops a Milan in the flank from the ATGW team who have been patiently waiting in the Apple Orchard!


Disaster! Well Almost… – 1st Platoon have reformed, rallied, and stormed across the open ground to take the Germans in the Apple Orchard who have been suppressed by the fire of the MG Platoon… Except A lone German Squad occupies the copse on the extreme right and catches them in the open, this Squad manages to Pin or Suppress the entire Platoon! This isn’t enough to defeat the British advance which has been more successful on the other flank, but it’s a sharp rebuke all the same.


Time To Go! – It’s not enough though, and despite a late victory by a Panzerfaust 3 team taking out “Sabre” the German position is untenable. The German Company Commander decides to requisition the nearby Panzer Mechanic’s Fuchs to expedite his withdrawal!

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