Fire & Fury: The ACW in 28mm

This is an all new section – during 2009 I’ll hopefully be building brand new Armies in 28mm for use with the Fire & Fury (both Brigade & Regimental versions of the rules). Previously I played Fire & Fury extensively in 15mm, from when it was released in the early ’90s until about 2000, at which time I sold all my 15mm ACW forces & terrain. I am looking forward to getting back into it in 28mm.

Perry's Plastic Rebs - from the collection of 'Roundie' Steward.

Perry’s Plastic Rebs – from the collection of ‘Roundie’ Steward

Fire and Fury

I’ve always had a passion for Fire and Fury, prior to its release I had always been keen on the ACW (American Civil War) as a period – but always been dissatisfied with game mechanics of other rules, never feeling games had the right ‘feel’.

More of Roundie Steward's Plastic Perry Rebs...

More of Roundie Steward’s Plastic Perry Rebs…

With Fire and Fury they suddenly did, and they were fast and easy to play, and fun… And the battles really did see-saw just like all those historical accounts do, and it was possible to play very large battles in one day (or at most 2) days, assuming you had enough model troops of course! The game (if you aren’t familiar with it) is based at the Brigade Level, and offers 2 scales, one where a ‘stand’ of troops is 150 real men (or 6 Guns), and one where it is 200 real men (or 8 Guns).

And the Cavalry... Again Perry's Plastics by Roundie.

And the Cavalry… Again Perry’s Plastics by Roundie

Another top shot [see text].

Top shot – see text

While there is argument by some ‘Regimental’ aficionados that Brigade level formations lose the flavour of the unique Regiments I never have had this issue. I always have had sufficient stands of unique troops (like Zouaves, Berdan’s Sharpshooters, 54th Schwarzburg Jaeger, and so on), to be able to have the roughly correct number of stands (based on the historical Regimental Strength) of those unique troop types in their appropriate Brigades – thereby maintaining the visual representation of specific units. There is also the option to model multiple Regimental Standards and such per Brigade, again helping to identify and provide visual representation of the Regiments within a Brigade…

Another Aerial Shot of Roundie's Basing [see text].

Another Aerial Shot of Roundie’s Basing – see text

In recent years the Fire and Fury team have been slowly working on a new version, called Fire and Fury: America’s Wars – which is designed to operate at the Regimental Level instead of Brigade Level, and also to cover the whole period from American Revolution through to the end of the 19th Century. However publication of these continues to await confirmation, but we have one of the earlier play test drafts and hopefully we will be giving this a whirl once we have a decent amount of troops ready and have a few Fire and Fury Brigade Level games under our belt to get back into the flow of things!

The Rebs are marching on Washington!

Top view of one of Roundie's bases [see text].

And one last top view of Roundie’s bases – see text

Meanwhile Roundie (Wayne Steward) has got a head start on me, and has his first batch of Perry’s Plastic Confederates done and based – here’s some quick shots of the ‘damn Rebs’ who’ll be opposing my glorious Union Forces! All of the photos on this page are his new Southern Gentlemen. They are, as mentioned, primarily Perry’s Plastics and we are mounting the Infantry on 40mm x 30mm bases as a proportional scale up from the standard Fire & Fury 15mm scale bases – Roundie has done well getting up to five (yes that’s 5) 28mm Figs on such a small base!

Read more about the construction of my new 28mm ACW Armies…

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