Wings of War: WWI & WWII Air Combat

Wings of War - Original Box SetWings of War (WOW) is a World War I (& World War II) air combat game, based around using cards for manoeuvring your aircraft – the aircraft themselves can be miniatures, or for the beginner can just use the cards supplied in the game. I’ve had an interest in World War I air combat for a while, and previously played with my own system using cards and a gridded playing surface – but the beauty of WOW is you no longer need the grid – as you actually lay out the cards on the playing surface to manoeuvre your aircraft. The World War I aircraft are 1/144th Scale (again compatible with large ranges of existing models which I have quite a few of). For World War II they have brought out 1/196th Aircraft which should be compatible with existing 1/200th scale models (again of which I have a few). I hope to have more content here eventually, including photos, after action reports, and more. Meanwhile you can read more at the official Wings of War website… or at Board Game Geek…

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