Classic Wargamer’s Journal: Vol. I Issue 4

The Classic Wargamer's Journal - Volume I Issue 4About four weeks ago the latest edition of the Classic Wargamer’s Journal arrived, promptly and quickly after dispatch as usual. There are articles, feedback, and AARs (After Action Reports) covering the WSS, F&IW, SYW, Franco-Prussian War, Colonial Darkest Africa, and World War II. Daryl Haselton continues his series on wargaming the Indian Mutiny in 45mm, and Peter Verduyn concludes his on a Tony Bath “Hyboria” style imagi-nation campaign. Other contributions cover the Wild West in 54mm, and a get together (care of CWJ) of a couple of OSWs (Old School Wargamers) in London.

Also included is more excellent discussion on the character of commanders, and of Charlie Wesencraft – an often overlooked contemporary of Charles Grant, Donald Featherstone, et al – as well as playing ‘floor wars’ (ala H.G. Wells & Robert Louis-Stevenson) with 42mm figures; and an interview with UK wargaming stalwart John Ray. And the issue concludes of course with the Tales of the Golden Head (a Colonial Skirmish ‘comic book’ style serial) and Conrad Kinch’s take on wargaming. As with Issue 3 there’s a pull out sheet with diagrams and instructions, this time for making a “Cardboard Flatpack Bomber” for those impromptu beer ‘n’ pretzels WW2 air wargames (and Issue 4 includes an AAR report of one such game using them)!

The sad news however is that Phil Olley has announced with this conclusion of Volume I of the CWJ he will not be producing a Volume II in the immediate future – CWJ has apparently been a huge success and extremely popular, but time and other commitments have meant Phil has had to temporarily shelf the project for the short term. We’ll hope to hear more perhaps next year and see a new subscription for CWJ materialise…

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