A Wonderful 28mm Château d’Hougoumont

Tony Won's Chateau d'Hougoumont in 28mm

Tony Won's Château d'Hougoumont in 28mm

I’ve recently been talking to Tony Won (a wargamer & historian in Belgium) about various things Dutch-Belgian and Hundred Days related – Tony is a bit of a Hundred Days expert with 30 years effort on the subject, but is also a wargamer who obviously has some very nice models in his collection. Tony (with the help of a friend) has constructed a full 28mm model of Hougoumont and it’s surrounds (using the relatively newly released 3-4 years ago range of buildings from Hovels Ltd) and it can be seen in all its glory in a 27-image slide show at the Hovels’ website – it’s truly a magnificent sight and a must see if you haven’t seen it previously!

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