John Curry’s “History Of Wargaming” Upate

Innovations in Wargaming, Volume 1 by John CurryOn the 04 May 2012 John Curry sent the following update out concerning his “History of Wargaming” project for those who may not have seen it:

This is a short occasional update on the publishing progress of the History of Wargaming Project. The project has gone digital and about 20 of the books/rules are now available as e-books from the iBook Store, The Nook, or from The rest of the back catalogue will be converted in due course. Peter Perla’s Art of Wargaming, a book about the professional use of wargaming (as well as much interesting material about the history of wargaming), is now out in paperback. Donald Featherstone has seen his novel Redcoats for the Raj, back into print and he has completed a new novel, The Badgered Men. Donald Featherstone’s classic book Air War Games has now been updated and is now [again] in print.

In addition to documenting the history of wargaming, I play games professionally. In about two weeks [late May], a new book Dark Guest, training games for cyberwarfare will be in print. I co-authored it with Tim Price MBE.

Played in a mega-game at the Defence Academy of the UK about Vietnam. Radio, maps, 20 tables, it was a most interesting game. Also at the Defence Academy, I recently played in a serious game about the Iran nuclear weapons development program with all sorts of strange people.

I have started a series about developments in wargaming called Innovations in Wargaming. Volume 1 shows all sorts of different styles of wargaming- different from the standard games on the table top. This includes two anti-terrorist games. The next rule book will be the MOD Desert Army Wargaming rules (1968). See John Curry’s site for details [in the near future]. They were written to rehearse an invasion of Iraq in the 1970’s… I have also got agreement to produce more classic wargaming books from more authors.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for buying books from the Project and supporting the growing library of wargaming material.

End News Release

So keep an eye out for some interesting new releases on John’s website…

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