Modelling New Zealand Bush

I was searching for information on scenic material (scatter and flock and such) and stumbled across this (NZ ‘TT’ 1:120 scale) New Zealand model railroad blog. It features some photos of Grant Morrell’s Kerosine Creek layout (in ‘S’ 3:16 Scale) from the Masterton Model Railway show in August 2011 – it absolutely creates the feel of NZ bush and minus the railway and vintage car would pretty much look how things were in the mid-late 19th Century in the areas of New Zealand that had been colonised and where bush had been cleared for grazing or early farmland.

Kerosine Creek Bush Railway by Grant Morrell

Kerosine Creek bush railway by Grant Morrell from the 2011 Wairapapa model railway show – photo from the Motorised Dandruff Blog.

You can see more in the post on the  Motorised Dandruff Blog (including a closer shot of the bush behind the engine sheds on the right) – and if you browse around you will find a few more photos for scenic inspiration to help modelling New Zealand terrain.

Incidentally Grant Morrell (who’s layout is pictured) has built an amazing 1950’s-1960’s era NZ Rail layout in “S” scale (that’s about 3/16th). You can see more on his blog ‘S’ Scale Modeling New Zealand Railways (NZR): My Railway From The Ground Up – “Modeling the Dream”.

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  • pgc

    I’ve seen this at a public exhibition. It’s beautfully detailed and the micro-lighting especially is very effective, it reproduces the effect of strong sunlight really well.

    • I bet – it certainly looks good from the photos so can imagine it’s pretty impressive in person…