Warlord North American Buildings

To supplement my Perry Miniatures’ ACW Buildings I also have a couple of Warlord laser-cut MDF Settler’s Log Cabins – like the Perry buildings these are suitable for most North American eras from the French & Indian Wars & American Revolution through to the American Civil War and turn of the (20th) century – and at a stretch the 19th Century NZ Colonial Wars as well.

These are very nice nice models and the laser cutting and detail are impeccable – the only negative is they are a tad ‘one-dimensional’ due to the smooth surface of the MDF (or Plywood) they are made from. However I gave mine to my mate Kieran (6mm Wargaming) and had him assemble them, texture the roofs, and give them a paint with the airbrush!

Warlord Games' North American Settler's Cabins

There are about 6-7 versions of these in the Warlord Games’ Black Powder Terrain section of their on-line shop, and I also have a couple of the European ‘Timber Framed’ equivalents as well. Pictured in front of the buildings are two 28mm Redoubt Enterprises ACW Union Commanders, Major General George Meade (on right) and Major General John F. Reynolds (I think) on the left.

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