Urgently Wanted: 1/72 HäT WW1 Figures

Nick Papadopoulos of Papatoetoe in Auckland is currently in the process of mustering 1/72nd scale figures to produce two dioramas to display on behalf of the Papatoetoe Historical Society for the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC landings. The dioramas will be a ‘Gallipoli Battle Scene‘ and ‘A Generic Western Front Trench Scene‘. To make these dioramas Nick is utilising HäT WW1 Figures – HOWEVER HäT are out of stock of some key packs so Nick needs help! He’s also looking for people to help him get the project completed as soon as possible (I presume by 25 April 2015)!

Nick's Battle of Crete Diorama

Nick’s previous Battle of Crete Diorama – with HaT Zouaves converted to Cretan Civilians…

Nick desperately needs the following HäT Packs which are out of stock and have been unavailable for some time – and he has been unable to get any response from HäT on their future availability. If anyone in New Zealand or Australia has any spare packs of these HäT figures and can help please contact Nick. It will be much appreciated:

  • 8094 WW1 Ottoman [Turkish ] Artillery & Machine Guns
  • 8019 WW1 German Artillery
  • 8110 WW1 German Heavy Weapons

Nick is also looking for volunteers to help paint these figures and build the terrain for the two dioramas, including anyone who has a hot wire cutter for shaping polystyrene foam. Again if you can help please contact Nick!

Nick's WW2 Battle of Crete diorama

Nick’s WW2 Battle of Crete diorama at the Papatoetoe RSA on 25 April 2014

Last year (2014) Nick did a similar diorama that was displayed at the Papatoetoe RSA for ANZAC Day featuring the Battle of Crete and HäT ACW Zouaves converted to look like Cretan civilians in national costume, plus assorted figures from other manufacturers. Once again if you can help please contact Nick.

Nick Papadopoulos & his Battle of Crete Diorama

Nick Papadopoulos & his Battle of Crete Diorama – ANZAC Day 2014

You can see how Nick got on here: Lest We Forget‘ Exhibit Papatoetoe 2015.

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