Waterloo 200th Anniversary (1)

The 18 June 2015 is the 200th Anniversary of Waterloo, the battle – that along with Wavre on the same day – saw the final defeat of Napoleon and ushered in the ’50 years of peace’. Here in New Zealand there’s a couple of historical refights taking place to commemorate the battle. First up in Wellington on Saturday & Sunday 13-14 June there was a large 28mm scale re-fight at the Wellesley Club, then following on from that there was another 28mm refight at the Christchurch Wargaming Club on Saturday & Sunday 20-21 June, and our own re-fight here in Auckland, at the Auckland Wargaming Club, in 6mm scale on Sunday 21 June.

Wellington Waterloo 200 Re-fight Wargaming.info

Wellington Waterloo 200 Re-fight held at the Wellesley Club

The Wellington Re-fight

About 30 Gamers and 5,000 Figures got together at the Wellesley Club (of course!) in Wellington (of course!) to refight Waterloo in recognition of it’s 200th Anniversary this week. This game was actually reported on by the Radio New Zealand National Programme, and it’s a fantastic report to listen to.  You can read more about the game and radio report at Roly Hermans’ Dressing The Lines blog. Meanwhile see the Radio New Zealand National Programme Page for their report and the 40-min radio programme. Or listen to the report directly via this link. Make sure you make the time to listen – it’s a great programme.

Napoleon at the Wellington Re-fight Wargaming.info

‘Napoleon’ at the Wellington Re-fight at the Wellesley Club

There is also a brief video:

And lots more photos over at Mark Ottley’s Blog.

The Auckland Re-fight

You can read about the preparation for the Auckland re-fight (and a practice game) on the Auckland Wargaming Club Website.

Read more on the AWC re-fight in part-2 here: Waterloo 200th Anniversary (2).

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