Rorke’s Drift Ready To Go

It’s been a long process, working on my Anglo-Zulu War Armies, and although the figures are all painted (and have been for nearly 10 years) they still await their basing completed. Luckily the terrain is a happier story, thanks to my good friend Kieran (6mm Wargaming), who has now completed my Warlord Games Rorke’s Drift. As mentioned previously (Rorke’s Drift Update) I pre-ordered this on initial release and it arrived in 2013 – and now, no more than 4 years later, it’s ready for action! While there’s still some minor detailing to finish it off I couldn’t resist putting up some pictures to hopefully inspire myself (and anyone else out there) to get the project onto the table for a game! I hope Kieran’s terrain modelling kills inspire a few other Anglo-Zulu Wargamers as well as me. Read more ›

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Rorke’s Drift Update

Rorkes Drift Progress #1

Well it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything directly to do with my own wargaming, and an even longer time since I posted about my 28mm Anglo-Zulu War project! Way back in 2011 Warlord Game’s brought out their fantastic Rorke’s Drift building kitset and fantastic box sets featuring this and lots of accessories and figures from their Anglo-Zulu War figure range, and I quickly snapped up one of their initial special limited edition box sets (Rorke’s Drift Arrives), which I duly passed on to my good mate Kieran (6mm Wargaming) to build up and terrain sculpt for me – as described in Work Begins On Rorke’s Drift back in 2013! Well work has finally progressed and now in 2017 it’s nearing completion…

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How Not To Play Crossfire Video

Operation Crossfire 4

Following on from the “Operation Crossfire: Smoke & Close Combat” video is yet another useful introductory video by Nikolas Lloyd, covering How Not To Play Crossfire! This gives a quick introduction to what not to do tactically when playing Crossfire – the rules do not introduce artificial constraints such as arbitrary ranges, so you have to use real-life tactics to be successful… Read more ›

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Crossfire Smoke & Close Combat Video

Operation Crossfire 3

Following on from the “Crossfire: Movement & Reaction” video is another good introductory video by Nikolas Lloyd, covering Smoke and Close Combat in Crossfire. This gives a great quick introduction to basic infantry movement and reactive fire in Crossfire. Read more ›

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Crossfire Movement & Reaction Video

Operation Crossfire 2

Following on from the “Operation Crossfire: Introducing Crossfire – World War Two Wargaming” video is another good introductory video by Nikolas Lloyd, covering Movement and Reaction in Crossfire. This gives a great quick introduction to basic infantry movement and reactive fire in Crossfire. Read more ›

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Engle Matrix Games

Matrix Games will work with any style of Map

I’ve recently been introduced to Engle Matrix Games (well perhaps re-introduced as I had read about them briefly in an issue of the SOTCW Journal sometime ago) by Steve Thomas. This came about in a discussion around how to play a Crossfire campaign where the majority of players are in different countries. The idea is to find a system that is rule set agnostic, is ‘story’ driven, and is not constrained by technical details – in many ways in keeping with Crossfire’s own philosophy (although Engle Matrix games are quite suitable for any period and use with any miniatures rule set – heck you don’t even need miniatures or a set of rules to resolve the battles). “Engle Matrix Games are a simple low-tech game engine that allows players to do an amazing number of things” as one gamer has described (in a MS Word Doc). Read more ›

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Polish Army Video 1939

Polish 7TP Light Tank

Here’s a fantastic video of the Polish Army’s equipment (taken sometime pre-September 1939) showing lots of great shots of things like Bofors 37mm AT & 40mm AA Guns, both types of tanks (the Vickers and the 7TP), Armoured Cars, Infantry & HMG teams, various motorcycles, trucks, half-tracks and fully-tracked tractors (e.g. C2P / C4P / C7P), Skoda 220mm Heavy Howitzers and an Armoured Train! Read more ›

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Miniature Wargaming: The Movie

Miniature Wargaming The Movie

A new project in the hobby that is underway is Miniature Wargaming The Movie looking to “explore the fascinating world of miniature wargaming; a hobby enjoyed by millions of people across the globe”. This will include “exclusive interviews & stories from industry leaders such as Rick Priestley, Alan & Michael Perry, John Stallard, Paul Sawyer and many more.” Furthermore several key wargaming industry businesses are getting behind this, including Warlord Games, Perry Miniatures, 4Ground, Wargames illustrated, Hawk Games, and more… Read more ›

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Operation Crossfire: World Event Aftermath

Operation Crossfire Aftermath

As mentioned in my “Operation Crossfire: A World Wargaming Event” post, following on from the hugely successful “World Crossfire Day” event in 2009, Nikolas Lloyd organised Operation Crossfire in 2014; another global Crossfire event. You can read the details of some of the individual battles in my Operation Crossfire: The Battle Reports post. These previous posts feature the introductory briefing video and after action reports of some of the battle sectors, so now find out exactly what happened in the grand operation directly from the organiser himself… Read more ›

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Operation Crossfire: The Battle Reports

Operation Crossfire 6

As described in my Operation Crossfire: A World Wargaming Event post Nikolas Lloyd had organised to stage a global Crossfire game that featured players in many countries all playing Crossfire games simultaneously, and games that were connected to each other and controlled (if that’s the right word) by an overall C-in-C who did not have direct visibility or access to any of the games other than via email! Read more ›

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Operation Crossfire: A World Wargaming Event

Operation Crossfire 5

Following on from the hugely successful “World Crossfire Day” event in 2009 is Operation Crossfire, another global Crossfire event staged in 2014. Originally mooted in July 2010 (see my Operation Crossfire: 11 September 2010 post) it was unfortunately postponed, but finally took place 4 years later. “Operation Crossfire” may well have been another world first as it was a wargame played on many tables around the world simultaneously, with two overall commanders basing their decisions on the e-mails sent to them during the game from the individual players and the the overall referee. View this introductory video by Nikolas Lloyd, covering the concept of the event and how it was planned and structured. This video served as the promotional advertisement for the event… Read more ›

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Crossfire Introduction Video

Operation Crossfire 1

Operation Crossfire is a fantastic set of introductory and training videos for Crossfire – put together by long-time Crossfire gamer and aficionado Nikolas Lloyd. They are highly recommended to all, even experienced Crossfire gamers (as a nice to watch) – and if you have not seen them previously then be sure to take the time to watch them, especially if you have heard about Crossfire but not seen the game in action. Read more ›

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The Impact of Terrain in North Africa 1940-43

From Tobruk To Tunis by Neal Dando

From Tobruk to Tunis: The Impact of Terrain on British operations and Doctrine in North Africa, 1940-43 is a new book by Neal Dando, published just recently by Helion & Co. The author/publisher states “This book focuses on the extent to which the physical terrain features across Egypt, Libya and Tunisia affected British operations throughout the campaign in North Africa during the Second World War. One main theme of the work analyses the terrain from the operational and tactical perspective and argues that the landscape features heavily influenced British operations and should now be considered alongside other standard military factors.

Read more ›

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Giants Of The Sky Swoop In

Wings of Glory Giants of the Sky Kickstarter Bundle

They have landed! The Wings of Glory Giants of the Sky Kickstarter Bundle, with 2 each of the Handley-Page O/400 and the Zeppelin Staaken R.VI bombers (from World War I). They are impressive models and very very large, the might be 1/144th scale, but… they are very imposing. Read more ›

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