Scuffle In The Hedgerows

Hetzer approaches the 6pdr ATG

It’s been a while since Kieran and I played a Crossfire game, but last weekend we managed to get one in – it was great getting back to playing an old favourite. We opted for a simple ad-hoc game which we very loosely based around Normandy and some of the existing Crossfire Scenarios (most specifically “Scottish Corridor” from Hit the Dirt).

Escoville, 7 June 1944, near Caen: The initial British landings have been very successful and although Caen has not yet been taken the British have a bridgehead on the east side of the Orne River & Caen Canal, north of the city, it’s most advanced point near the aforementioned village. Here the 52nd Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry have moved forward to occupy the area to relieve & support the 12th & 13th Battalions, The Parachute Regiment, who have been holding the adjacent areas since the morning of the 6 June… Read more ›

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Interesting Look Behind World Of Tanks

World of Tanks

For those interested there is an interesting little peak behind who are the hosts of World of Tanks and other on-line games (World of Warplanes/World of Warships), talking about how they manage their massive game & player databases using Oracle and providing an insight into just how many people play these types of games…. Read more ›

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Punic Wars Impetvs

Punic Wars Roman versus Carthaginian Impetus game

Yes, that’s right, had my first crack at the full version of the Impetus Ancient Rules at the weekend with Roundie (Wayne Steward) down at the AWC. I have been meaning to get into these for a while as they have looked promising as I have dabbled with the idea of them off and on over the years… Roundie offered to tutor me in a game and so on Sunday we got stuck in to have a crack at it. Roundie’s been hard at work converting his existing and building new armies for Impetus (or Impetvs as it would actually be written long ago), and his latest are for the Punic Wars, the series of struggles between the Graeco-African empire of Carthage, and the emerging new power that was Republican Rome. Read more ›

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Carolingians, Vikings, Picts, Romans, And More Vikings

Carolingians vs. Vikings Dux Bellorum

Continuing our Dux Bellorum saga from previously back in July the Carolingians had some intense activity for the next week or so – and several outings – this included a 3rd rematch against Roundie’s dreaded Vikings, two battles against Nick’s Picts at the next AWC Meetingpar proeliorumque (a pair of battles) against Mark’s Late Romans, and then the following Thursday a 4th rematch against the Vikings – 6 engagements in 8 days! Anglo-Saxon King Harold Godwinson would have been be impressed! Here’s a brief summary & photos of some of those engagements… Read more ›

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Valdemar Miniatures

Valdemar Miniatures 25mm Medieval Figures

I was recently contacted by Valdemar Miniatures – and looking at their website they look to have a pretty stunning series of products. Including 3D Printed ships suitable for Viking Longships and small Medieval Cogs. They describe their figures as 25mm (1/72nd) so they may or may not be a tad smaller than other 28mm manufacturers like the Perrys, Foundry, Artizan, etc. However they produce two ranges of medieval figures, one which is their premium range, what they call “Museum Quality”. Read more ›

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Waterloo 200th Anniversary (3)

Christchurch Wargaming Club Waterloo 200 Refight

Following on from our previous Wellington & Auckland refight posts, on Saturday 21 June a third Waterloo Re-fight happened in New Zealand – at the Christchurch Wargaming Club, in 28mm using General de Brigade rules rather than Blackpowder that had been used in the previous 28mm scale Waterloo refight in Wellington. Read more ›

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Carolingian vs. Viking Rematch No.2

Dux Bellorum Carolingians vs. Vikings

Thursday night Roundie and I had our third Dux Bellorum encounter with Carolingians vs. Vikings – and like last week it turned into another tense struggle that almost went to the wire! Those scurious Vikings once again invaded the Frankish Empire in their quest for plunder and needing seeing too – so Charlemagne, as always, accepted the challenge and met them head on. Read more ›

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Waterloo 200th Anniversary (2)

Waterloo 200 Re-fight AWC wargaming-info

Continuing on from Waterloo 200th Anniversary (1) the second re-fight was staged by our own Auckland Wargaming Club, here in Auckland on the 21 June 2015. The game was played in 6mm scale using Sam Mustafa’s ‘Grand Armee’ rules to facilitate the more sweeping view of the battle and assist in reducing the workload of producing the troops for the battle (there were still over 5,000 figures, in 1/300th scale, painted especially for this refight by several of the club’s members). Read more ›

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Waterloo 200th Anniversary (1)

Wellington Waterloo 200 Re-fight

The 18 June 2015 is the 200th Anniversary of Waterloo, the battle – that along with Wavre on the same day – saw the final defeat of Napoleon and ushered in the ’50 years of peace’. Here in New Zealand there’s a couple of historical refights taking place to commemorate the battle. First up in Wellington on Saturday & Sunday 13-14 June there was a large 28mm scale re-fight at the Wellesley Club, then following on from that there was another 28mm refight at the Christchurch Wargaming Club on Saturday & Sunday 20-21 June, and our own re-fight here in Auckland, at the Auckland Wargaming Club, in 6mm scale on Sunday 21 June. Read more ›

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Carolingians vs. Vikings

My 28mm Dux Bellorum Carolingians

I’m slowly getting through my Carolingian Army, after a delay to add some additional figures – which has delayed completing the basing and such like. However we are almost there and in the meantime over the last two weeks I have pitted them against Roundie’s Vikings (Land Raiders)! Last weeks combat was a bit of a learning experience, but for this week the Carolingians were a slightly different composition to that which fought Kieran’s Normans back in January. Read more ›

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Peter Jackson’s Gallipoli 1915 Exhibit

Part of Sir Peter Jackson's Chunuk Bair Diorama

Over the past months over 100 New Zealand wargamers have been painting 5,000 miniature soldiers for a huge diorama of the Battle of Chunuk Bair for the forthcoming The Great War Exhibition in Wellington. This is part of an ANZAC commemorative project put together by Sir Peter Jackson who has over the past years commissioned the Perry Brothers to sculpt and cast the 54mm scale figures for this. In 2015 a large posse of New Zealand Wargamers were then recruited to paint this huge mountain of lead in time for the ANZAC Day 2015 (25 April) commemorations. Read more ›

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‘Lest We Forget’ Exhibit Papatoetoe

Nick Papadopoulos's Chunuk Bair Display

I previously posted about Nick Papadopoulos quest for 1/72 scale figures & human volunteers to help complete ANZAC Day 2015 exhibits he was working on – Nick managed to get the figures he needed and with some hard work complete his dioramas. Read more ›

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WW1 Vehicle Parade

Wellington ANZAC Day Parade

In Wellington today they held a WW1 commemorative parade in recognition of ANZAC Day (25 April). Present were 13 authentic vintage WW1 vehicles from the private collection of Sir Peter Jackson, as well as horse drawn artillery & ordnance, actors and re-enactors in period uniform, and more… Read more ›

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The New Zealand Tiki Squadrons (2)

23 Squadron Tiki Nose Art RNZAF 1944

Continuing on from The New Zealand Tiki Squadrons (1) there were further examples of tiki art in use by the New Zealand military (in both the RAF and the RNZAF) during World War II. Next up is No. 135 Squadron RAF stationed in India in 1943, which flew Hurricanes. It’s not clear exactly how many New Zealanders operated in this squadron but the specific Hurricane pictured was flown by Pilot Officer WH “Hugh” Dean of the RNZAF. Read more ›

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