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Giovani Fascisti: The “Young Fascists” (GGFF)

Gruppo di battaglioni GGFF – Giovani Fascisti (at Bir el Gubi, November 1941) GRUPPO GGFF HEADQUARTERS COMPANY GRUPPO GGFF MG COMPANY COY HQ 3 MG PLATOONS (each 3 x MMGs)

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Camicie Nere: The Blackshirts (MVSN & CCNN Combat Units)

M.V.S.N – The Milizia Voluntaria per la Sicurezza Nazionale The MVSN started out as an organization not unlike the German S.A. (Brown Shirts), i.e. a Fascist Militia. They were purely a “Party” orientated organization, and like their German Counterparts wore

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