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Fire & Sword Battle 04: Sally at Abu Hamed

Followed by more Dervishes

As referred to in Turn 03: January 1884, at Abu Hamed Sayed Bey decides to sally forth from the town and endeavour to temporarily break the siege. While Abu Hamed is now plentifully supplied with resources (it has over 6 months of

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Modelling New Zealand Bush

Kerosine Creek Bush Railway by Grant Morrel

I was searching for information on scenic material (scatter and flock and such) and stumbled across this (NZ ‘TT’ 1:120 scale) New Zealand model railroad blog. It features some photos of Grant Morrell’s Kerosine Creek layout (in ‘S’ 3:16 Scale) from the Masterton Model

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Warlord North American Buildings

Warlord Games' North American Settler's Cabins

To supplement my Perry Miniatures’ ACW Buildings I also have a couple of Warlord laser-cut MDF Settler’s Log Cabins – like the Perry buildings these are suitable for most North American eras from the French & Indian Wars & American Revolution

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Perry Miniatures ACW Buildings

ACW Perry General Store

These are some ‘in progress’ pictures of my 28mm Perry Miniatures’  North American Buildings – I’m hoping they will be useful for not just the ACW (American Civil War), but also for the American Old West & Indian Wars, some

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Miniature Addiction!

Roundie's 28mm Napoleonic French Light Infantry for SDS

Roundie, from my local gaming group (the Auckland Wargaming Club), has recently launched his own website & blog of his wargaming & modelling work – he’s one of our area’s most prolific modellers & painters and has built some amazing

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Work Begins On Rorke’s Drift

SSWG's Rorke's Drift at Salute 2006 in the UK.

Well its been much longer than planned and to get things along I have enlisted my mate Kieran (6mm Wargaming) to build my Rorke’s Drift Models and Base Board for me. I have been inspired by the SSWG’s (Southend &

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Rorke’s Drift Arrives!

Warlord Games Rorkes Drift Artwork

My Warlord Games “Rorke’s Drift” box set arrived today… It’s an impressive beast- it was part of their pre-order special on the new Anglo-Zulu War range that’s the premier of their new strategic partnership with Empress Miniatures. At the time I resisted the urge

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I Couldn’t Resist Indus

Indus Indian Irregular Cavalry or Pindari with Bows

I recently stumbled across Indus Miniatures – and when they announced a 20% off ‘Thanks Giving‘ Sale I couldn’t resist getting a few – even though they are aimed at the Indian 18th Century to Mutiny era rather than the later NWF

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Najewitz Modellbau Buildings Arrive

The assorted Najewitz parts - this is 3 buidling kitsets' worth

Over the past 18 months I’ve regularly looked at the models buildings and wagons (and the Berlin Tram) by Najewitz Modellbau in Germany – they look fantastic in the photos and I’ve always been keen to take the plunge –

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Fantastic 1879 Anglo-Zulu War Photos

Camp At Isandlwana @ The Playset Addict's Website

The following link was posted by one of the chaps on the Colonial Wars Yahoo!Group and features lots of staged photos using the Britains, Conte, and similar 54mm Plastic Figure “Play Sets” and such like – some of the photos

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Desert Column: Colonial Sudan Inspiration!

Frank at LAF's "Desert Column"

If you are looking for inspiration to do the Sudan in the 1880′s look no further than Frank at the Lead Adventure Forum’s latest effort for some beautifully painted figures and wonderfully atmospheric photos…

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Still More TSATF At BattleCry 2011

Gerry from Castaway Arts deploys his Dervishes in Game 2.

I previously posted accounts of the 3 TSATF Colonial Games with images that we played at Auckland’s BattleCry 2011 Convention – As mentioned Gerry & Carolyn Webb of Castaway Arts were there and they also took photos of the games – so

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Empress Miniatures new Maori Wars Range

Empress Miniatures Maori Wars Examples

Joy, oh Joy! The ether has been alive with chatter of the announcement of this new range for a couple of weeks now – and they really do look like some lovely figures with nice clean casts and great sculpting.

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An Aquarium of Thorn Thickets

When BattleCry 2011 in Auckland was looming earlier this year I had promised Gerry from Castaway Arts to help with some Colonial TSATF demo & participation games (and provide the troops & terrain to save Gerry bringing it over from

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