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Valdemar Miniatures

Valdemar Miniatures 25mm Medieval Figures

I was recently contacted by Valdemar Miniatures – and looking at their website they look to have a pretty stunning series of products. Including 3D Printed ships suitable for Viking Longships and small Medieval Cogs. They describe their figures as

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I Couldn’t Resist Indus

Indus Indian Irregular Cavalry or Pindari with Bows

I recently stumbled across Indus Miniatures – and when they announced a 20% off ‘Thanks Giving‘ Sale I couldn’t resist getting a few – even though they are aimed at the Indian 18th Century to Mutiny era rather than the later NWF

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Fantastic 1879 Anglo-Zulu War Photos

Camp At Isandlwana @ The Playset Addict's Website

The following link was posted by one of the chaps on the Colonial Wars Yahoo!Group and features lots of staged photos using the Britains, Conte, and similar 54mm Plastic Figure “Play Sets” and such like – some of the photos

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Wargaming in the Ancient World

Mycenaean Spear Phalanx

The Ancient period is one of major interests, although I got into it rather later in my gaming life than many other wargamers (Ancients gaming has traditionally been a staple of the NZ Wargaming Club scene, and traditionally the majority

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