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WCFD Campaign Summary

The following are summarised Game Situation Reports taken from those actually posted to the Crossfire Group during the course of World Crossfire Day on 04 April 2009. The Allies today launched an operation designed to cut off retreating Germans in

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World Crossfire Day 2009

What was it? World Crossfire Day grew out of the desire of a large group of Crossfire players from around the world to do something to promote the rule set we all love; Crossfire. After discussing numerous alternatives it was

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World CrossFire Day!

A large group of Crossfire players from around the world have decided to promote Crossfire by having a “World Crossfire Day” in April, Read More Here (at Lloydian Aspects)… and World Crossfire Day 2009 here at Wargaming.info.

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Scottish Corridor II

Kieran and I had arranged to play a “Hit The Dirt” scenario with Errol Hooker (who was coming down from Whangarei for the day), so we selected ‘Scottish Corridor’, as we had played it previously and knew it was a

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Scottish Corridor I

Kieran and I decided to play yet another “Hit The Dirt” scenario, so we selected ‘Scottish Corridor’, as a suitable medium-sized scenario that matched our available forces on the day. Before going further please note that all hedge lines and

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Green Hell (Revisited)

Kieran and I have had copies of “Hit The Dirt” for sometime (in fact I have had a copy since it was published) and had not made a serious attempt to play any of the scenarios. However we recently decided

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Higher Ground

Saint Lô & Falaise, France, August 1944 – Light US forces press forward against the encircled Germans… Historical Situation Mid-August 1944, central France, the German front is collapsing (although they haven’t realised it) and Hitler is insisting on an armoured

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