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Warhammer Waterloo Playtest at F’ de Onoro

I recently purchased a copy of Waterloo from Warhammer Historicals – partly because it was on 50% discount, but also partly because initial feedback was quite positive about it’s production quality and content. I’ve had it for a few days

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Classic Wargamer’s Journal: Vol. I Issue 4

About four weeks ago the latest edition of the Classic Wargamer’s Journal arrived, promptly and quickly after dispatch as usual. There are articles, feedback, and AARs (After Action Reports) covering the WSS, F&IW, SYW, Franco-Prussian War, Colonial Darkest Africa, and

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Classic Wargamer’s Journal: Vol. I Issue 3

Once again it arrived promptly and quickly, and the Classic Wargamer’s Journal is a refreshing read, bringing back a simplicity and fun element of a bygone era. This issue includes a reprint of a Tony Bath Mini-Ancient Campaign & Battle (the forerunner of his famous Hyboria),

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Selective Laser Sintering Armour

Reviewed in Battlegames No.25 and announced on TMP, RPG Manufacturing Limited are venturing into the Wargaming & Modelmaking arena, with the first of a new range of precision ‘1-piece’ castings that includes several variations on the Cromwell IV and Panzer

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Classic Wargamer’s Journal: Vol. I Issue 2

It arrived here in the Antipodes just 4 days after posting in the UK, and once again the Classic Wargamer’s Journal is a refreshing read, bringing back memories of those glorious days in the 60’s & 70’s when names like

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Classic Wargamer’s Journal: Vol. I Issue 1

Following on from the Pilot Issue (The Classic Wargamer’s Journal: First Impressions) the first regular issue of CWJ is here – and continues on in the vein of the pilot issue. A poignant point by the editor, Phil Olley, is

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Friend or Foe Figures

Recently I’ve been looking at the Friend or Foe (FoF) figure range from Shell Hole Scenics. However there is a marked lack of photos to compare the figures. Enquires on the web such as at the 20mm Miniatures Yahoo Group

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Classic Wargamer’s Journal: First Impressions

Well I placed my order on 21 July (UK time) and the hard copy edition was here in the antipodes on the 27 July (NZ time) – so that’s about a 5 day turn around – well done Phil and

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Combat Tanks Collection 1-7

Here are some photos of the models in the first few issues of the CTC Magazine. As I previously posted on the Auckland Wargaming Club Website the Combat Tanks Collection Magazine from the UK is now available here in NZ

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Order from the Flag Dude Arrives

My order from The Flag Dude has arrived for my Colonial Troops – I’ve been keen to get this as its the first time I’ve ordered from Rick O’Brien and I was looking forward to seeing first hand what his

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28mm Askari Miniatures Figure Comparison

I recently ordered some sample figures from Al Maurer at Askari Miniatures as I was looking at using some of his ranges and wanted to see how they compared with my existing Perry Miniatures & Wargames Foundry figures (that make

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20mm (1/76th & 1/72nd) Figure Comparison

The following is a brief overview of several (but by no means all) of the manufacturers in this scale. Over time I may add more photo comparisons and details for these and other manufacturers. I have also included some plastic

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