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A Warlord Games Windmill

When I recently ordered a reasonable order of Warlord Games ECW figures (See Return to the English Civil War) to maximise on the postage I couldn’t resist grabbing a unique little ready-made model of theirs – the very limited edition

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I get myself a Dremel

Some recent discussion on the Auckland Wargaming Club group about dips and washes referenced the Tabletop Terrain blog (another New Zealand wargaming website), and while I’d past by occasionally, I hadn’t had a particularly thorough look around – when I

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Straw Doormat Wheat & Barley Fields

One of the terrain features both Kieran Mahony (6mm Wargaming) and I have in our collections are assorted fields, and one type is made from a straw mat. The following are some photos of the straw fields I have, these

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Ryan’s Basing & Painting Techniques

Ryan Davies is a member of the Crossfire Yahoo Group, and he recently put together a document detailing his techniques for painting and basing his 1/72nd scale figures – as a way to give something back to the wargaming internet

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I take a foray into Vac-U-Form Plastics

Some recent discussions on the Crossfire Yahoo Group brought up the old Bellona range of vac-u-form moulded plastic terrain. Many of you will remember these old classics from the days of Charles Grant, Donald Featherstone, and Terrence Wise, the terrain

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Roundie Town

Gunslingers slink into town down an alleyway...

The following is a brief photo gallery of the Auckland Wargaming Club’s Wild West Town, entirely scratch built by member Wayne “Roundie” Steward and photographed by member Kieran Mahony. It is the scene of many a gun fight by the

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El Segundo

Kieran's El Segundo Mexican Town

The town of El Segundo, from the collection of, and entirely scratch built by Kieran Mahony – one of the Auckland Wargaming Club’s more prolific model & terrain makers! Kieran says the name was inspired by the hip-hop song “I

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