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How Not To Play Crossfire Video

Operation Crossfire 4

Following on from the “Operation Crossfire: Smoke & Close Combat” video is yet another useful introductory video by Nikolas Lloyd, covering How Not To Play Crossfire! This gives a quick introduction to what not to do tactically when playing Crossfire – the rules

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Crossfire Smoke & Close Combat Video

Operation Crossfire 3

Following on from the “Crossfire: Movement & Reaction” video is another good introductory video by Nikolas Lloyd, covering Smoke and Close Combat in Crossfire. This gives a great quick introduction to basic infantry movement and reactive fire in Crossfire.

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Crossfire Movement & Reaction Video

Operation Crossfire 2

Following on from the “Operation Crossfire: Introducing Crossfire – World War Two Wargaming” video is another good introductory video by Nikolas Lloyd, covering Movement and Reaction in Crossfire. This gives a great quick introduction to basic infantry movement and reactive fire in

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Polish Army Video 1939

Polish 7TP Light Tank

Here’s a fantastic video of the Polish Army’s equipment (taken sometime pre-September 1939) showing lots of great shots of things like Bofors 37mm AT & 40mm AA Guns, both types of tanks (the Vickers and the 7TP), Armoured Cars, Infantry

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Miniature Wargaming: The Movie

Miniature Wargaming The Movie

A new project in the hobby that is underway is Miniature Wargaming The Movie looking to “explore the fascinating world of miniature wargaming; a hobby enjoyed by millions of people across the globe”. This will include “exclusive interviews & stories from

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Operation Crossfire: World Event Aftermath

Operation Crossfire Aftermath

As mentioned in my “Operation Crossfire: A World Wargaming Event” post, following on from the hugely successful “World Crossfire Day” event in 2009, Nikolas Lloyd organised Operation Crossfire in 2014; another global Crossfire event. You can read the details of some of

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Operation Crossfire: A World Wargaming Event

Operation Crossfire 5

Following on from the hugely successful “World Crossfire Day” event in 2009 is Operation Crossfire, another global Crossfire event staged in 2014. Originally mooted in July 2010 (see my Operation Crossfire: 11 September 2010 post) it was unfortunately postponed, but finally took

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Crossfire Introduction Video

Operation Crossfire 1

Operation Crossfire is a fantastic set of introductory and training videos for Crossfire – put together by long-time Crossfire gamer and aficionado Nikolas Lloyd. They are highly recommended to all, even experienced Crossfire gamers (as a nice to watch) –

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Interesting Look Behind World Of Tanks

World of Tanks

For those interested there is an interesting little peak behind Wargaming.net who are the hosts of World of Tanks and other on-line games (World of Warplanes/World of Warships), talking about how they manage their massive game & player databases using

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Computer Hackers Beware!

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Near Three Divisions at 1:1 with Airfix Figures!

I saw this posted on TMP and couldn’t resist putting a link up here!

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The Wonders Of New Technology? Not!

Okay – completely off-topic for my usual blog content, however I just had to post this up – basically it’s why we should destroy mobile phones and not use cloud technologies. I absolutely laughed myself silly – I can’t believe

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Brilliant D&D Pop Music Video!

Roll A D6 D&D Music Video

“You’re Dead” says the Dungeon Master, “Roll A D6!”

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