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Site Update

Apologies if you are visiting the site and having issues with the format – I am just in the process of changing over the theme to rectify issues with images and such not displaying correctly, and this may take me

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Wargaming.info Migration Update 26 April 2011

As previously posted (A Not So Small Migration) I have migrated Wargaming.info to WordPress, and as such have needed to reconfigure or redesign some facets – such as Image Galleries – so there are currently parts of the site missing

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A Not So Small Migration

Over the last few days I have been migrating Wargaming.info from Joomla to WordPress – for a variety of reasons – but needless to say it has required a reasonable amount of effort (and has been the third such major

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Wargaming.info Relaunch [April 2010]

Welcome to the completely revamped Wargaming.info – the new format is designed to hopefully make things a bit easier to find and to enable me to upload more content more easily and keep the site more up to date. By

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The new Wargaming.info

Today is the big day as I load the redesigned site into the live environment. Regrettably it is not fully 100% complete as some sections do not have all their material yet – but websites are always evolving creatures so

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Site Rebuild Complete

Frontier Miniatures 24th Foot from the Zulu WarWay back in February 2008 I started on an ambitious plan to revamp the entire site expecting it to take just 2-3 months. Now, in December 2008, I have just finished spending many

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