The Egyptian Army: Sudanese Infantry

A Sudanese Infantry Company (the 1st as you can tell by the Blue Company Flag) – they mostly wear blue uniforms as per the Egyptian winter uniform (or perhaps they are from the XIIth Sudanese who wore a ‘Gendarme’ blue uniform). The Company NCO is in charge of the standard and there is an Egyptian Lieutenant or Captain (or Agha), while the Company Bugler is in somewhat non-regulation dress (he’s actually been requisitioned from the Perry’s Bazinger command pack). The Sudanese Infantry Battalion HQ features a mounted Egyptian Colonel (or Bey); a Veteran Sudanese NCO (or perhaps a trusted irregular scout – with Revolver & Sword and a non-regulation uniform – he’s actually a Perry’s Bazinger figure), an Egyptian Ensign with the Battalion Standard, and the Battalion Musician (another Egyptian, this time a Drummer), the latter two wear Sudan manufactured Brown (or perhaps dark khaki) uniform.

Sudanese Infantry & Battalion Commander

Sudanese Infantry & Battalion Commander

The 1st Company are depicted in campaign dress with a mix of about two-thirds in the blue, the balance in discoloured/washed out sandy, green, or pale tan uniforms – perhaps they were white once or locally manufactured replacements issued while on duty in the Sudan…? The other (2nd) Sudanese Company wear an even more motley range of uniform colours as they have been stationed in the Sudan and on duty for sometime…. Their original white uniforms have changed colour to a dirty faded off-white or sandy colour, and many of the men wear locally manufactured uniforms in green & brown tints. A few wear a more pronounced brown which may be some early examples of Khaki… Perhaps long-term some of these chaps will need a partial uniform repaint to tone them down into more appropriate off-white type colours (as that will probably be more historically accurate)…

My full Sudanese Infantry force consists of the Battalion HQ and 2 Sudanese rifle companies (supported by two 6pdr artillery guns along with 2 companies of Egyptian fellahin infantry). All figures are Perry’s including the Krupp 6pdr Light Field Gun. The bases of these figures actually still have some minor work done to complete them (i.e. additional detailing).

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