A Lasalle Points System: Our Latest Draft

Lasalle: Tactical Warfare in the Age of Napoleon!Those familiar with Lasalle will know it uses a set of ‘Army Builder’ lists to design fairly generic Divisions based on an across-the-board average of the real life historical equivalents  (very similar to what SHAKO II also does). To add extra flexibility, assist scenario design, and provide options for building historical forces and such, we’ve been working on a points system as an alternative for Lasalle.

Cam started the initiative with his original points list on the AWC website, and now Cam and I have developed that further up to version 1.2 – if you are interested in our points system for Lasalle you can download the PDF here: Lasalle Points version 1.2 beta.


You can now download version 1.21 of our Lasalle Points.

This has some minor errata corrected (for Sub-Commanders & the Send in the Guards rule), plus new details for Attack/Defence bonuses and the Home-field Advantage rule. We still have to determine a proposed cost for Impetuous Cavalry.

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