The Egyptian Army: Fellahin Infantry

Egyptian Battalion Commander

Egyptian Battalion Commander

Egyptian Infantry Companies (the 4th on right as you can tell by the Yellowy-Orange Company Flag, the 3rd Company having the discoloured White Flag on left), supported by a Section of Artillery. Behind can be seen the Battalion HQ with the Colonel on horseback, and the Green Battalion Flag (of the 3rd Battalion), plus drummer and such. Battalion HQ consists of the mounted Colonel (or Bey), Battalion Senior NCO/Ensign with Standard, Battalion Musician (Drummer), and a fellahin rifleman guarding the colours completes the quartet.

My full Egyptian Infantry force consists of the Battalion HQ, 2 Fellahin rifle companies, and two supporting 6pdr artillery guns (along with 2 companies of Sudanese). All figures are Perry’s including the Krupp 6pdr Light Field Gun. The bases of these figures actually still have some minor work done to complete them (i.e. additional detailing).

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