World War II Mosquito Fleet 1/600th Naval

Having been recently inspired by a David Manley article reprinted* in the latest SOTCW (Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers) Journal for fast play Motor Torpedo Boat rules for World War II, I am looking to dust off my reasonable sized fleet of Skytrex 1/600th scale vessels that have been living in boxes for 15 years – since my days of playing “Fast Attack!” Looking forward to hauling these out soon so keep an eye out for some new material later in 2009 on this… I’ve been further inspired to possibly also do WWI as well just Dave G’s models available at PT Dockyard giving an indication of the vessels involved.

David Manley’s fast play MTB rules were first published in “Wargames Journal” issue 9 at the start of 2008.

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