The Siborne “Small” Model

Charge of the Union Brigade - from the Siborne Small Model

Charge of the Household & Union Cavalry Brigades about 2pm-2.30pm - from the Siborne Small Model

The Siborne “Small” Model shows the area around the Brussels-Wavre crossroads including the farm of La Haye Sainte where, during the second phase of the battle of Waterloo at 1.30pm to 2.30pm (Sunday 18 June 1815), Picton’s Division engaged the Divisions of Donzelot, Alix and Marcognet, while the farm itself was still held by the Kings German Legion. This is not to be confused with Siborne’s “Large” model which depicted the entire Waterloo battlefield. On his blog Michael Davis (Michael’s Cabinet) provides a brief summary of the model provided by the Royal Armoury Museum at Leeds in the UK, and a nice selection of photos. This model is interesting in that the figures are approximately 25mm scale (the “Large” model used 6mm scale figures I believe) – and there are over 6,500 figures (Infantry, Cavalry, and Guns & Carriages)! If you have not seen this make sure you check out the details on Michael’s Blog, and his gallery of photos.

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  • Ben Gilmour

    Nice find, John!

    • Thanks Ben – and yes indeed – I found looking at those pics very satisfying and when you think those 25mm figs are 170 years old now and some look nearly as good as the Perry stuff (where you can see the figures closely), and all 6,500 were hand crafted, etc, rather than mass cast like modern stuff… Big Kudos to Michael Davis in the UK for posting the photos too!

  • Hi John, Thanks for posting those great Charles Grant articles. Priceless! Thanks also for acknowledging my website and Siborne articles. Looks like you and I are both trying to recreate Waterloo! I’m also working on Bijlandt’s Brigade, but so far only the 5th Dutch Militia are finished. I have however just completed all of the British Heavies at 1:20 General de Brigade. I can no longer paint so all my figures have been done by someone else in recent years, mostly Carl Robson, Artmaster, and Yanni Mavromichalis, who I think do great work. I plan to complete the diorama of the La Haye Sainte area quite soon now. Thanks for all the great stuff on your Blog! Michael (aka Flight Sergeant Reggie on TMP!)

    • Thank You too Michael – You’ve got some great stuff yourself – not least the Siborne pics! 🙂