Blenheim Redux! Another Take With Maurice…

Back in December 2011 before Sam Mustafa’s full version of  “Maurice” was released Cam and I had been play testing it. As I previously posted we had done a re-fight of Blenheim, but weren’t completely happy with how we modelled the terrain and the armies – so with suitable adjustments to both we had given it another bash. I never finished writing up the battle report but did take a reasonable selection of photos – this is a photo gallery of our Blenheim Re-fight, Take 2, using Maurice. As with the previous game we did not have the suitable 28mm figures, so we instead had our Lasalle Napoleonic Armies standing in for the War of the Spanish Succession period troops. The play test is now rather redundant, and Maurice has now been available for 9 months or so, but I thought a few gamers out there might enjoy seeing the photos and our ‘bathtubbed’ order of battle.

The Battlefield: Blenheim at top centre-right and Oberglau in the middle

The Battlefield: Blenheim at top centre-right and Oberglau in the middle

Maurice Rulebook CoverThe Armies

Confederate Allied Forces of the Grand Alliance

  • 9 Infantry: 1 ‘Elite’, 8 Standard
  • 6 Cavalry: All Standard
  • 2 Artillery
  • Superior Volley Fire (Army Bonus)

Franco-Bavarian Army

  • 11 Infantry: 1 ‘Elite’, 10 Standard
  • 5 Cavalry: 1 ‘Elite’, 4 Standard
  • 3 Artillery

For those interested they can download our second game Blenheim Historical OOB For Maurice PDF – it includes the units broken down be sector of the battlefield and our calculations to reach the above numbers. Below is our basic draft deployment layout for Maurice using forces as described above – see the game photos for how we adjusted the terrain (table size is 8′ x 5′ using 28mm figures). Yellow crosses (‘X’) are proposed objective markers for Maurice. Both sides Elite Infantry units are in or opposite Blenheim Village (representing the best of the British & French Infantry), and the Elite Franco-Bavarian Cavalry unit must be one of the 2 under Talard closest to Blenheim also (The French Gendarmes).

Our Blenheim Historical Deployment version 2.

Our Blenheim Historical Deployment version 2.

Blenheim, Take 2, In Photos:

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