Don Featherstone Memorial Trophy

Today I received the following communique from Chris Scott: “This is to let you know that the first Don Featherstone Memorial Trophy was played for at an old-school style wargame of Gettysburg at the Wargames Holiday Centre, Basingstoke. It was part of a Donald Featherstone Tribute Weekend sponsored by Miniature Wargames Magazine and involved a hotel stopover and a splendid dinner. The game was competitive of course, but the whole thing was conducted in a very friendly manner with the emphasis upon playing for fun and enjoying the social side of the hobby.”

Donald Featherstone“All went exceptionally well with one of Don’s old mates from the North, Charlie Wesencraft, being elected unanimously by all those present as being the actual winner. Don’s daughter Jane presented the beautiful trophy which had been donated by Ron Miles. The event is bound to appear in the wargames press but I thought I’d give you all the news too. Over the dinner it was suggested that we made an effort to see if there was some way in which we could make the week of Don’s birthday (20 March) a worldwide annual Remember Don Featherstone Wargame Week? Worth toying with?”

Sounds a great plan in my opinion – what do people think…?

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