The Carpathians Will Rumble

Russian Infantry

The Russians and Austro-Hungarians arrive!

The latest addition to my World War I stable has been both Russians & Austro-Hungarians – which will be ideal for not only the Carpathian Campaigns & Brusilov Offensive; but also the Russians will also serve for Caucasian Campaigns against the Turks; and as allies for my long planned Rumanian Troops which the Austro-Hungarians will provide opposition for! I’ve taken some quick preliminary photos of these chaps to get a basic gallery up until such time as I have reorganised them and/or played a game and taken photos…

As mentioned in previous articles I’ll be using the TSATF (The Sword and the Flame) for my 28mm WW1 gaming and as such troops will be organised into Infantry Companies of 20 figs each, Cavalry in Squadrons of 12 figs each, and MGs & Artillery in Platoons, Companies, or Batteries of 1-3 guns (each model representing 2 real life guns).

The Russian forces consist of an Infantry Battalion with 3 Companies (of rather raggedy chaps in caps) and 1 Company of Siberian Rifles (in Ushanka style fur hats), with a Company of 3 x M1905/10 Maxim MGs on Sokolv mounts. Support is provided by a Squadron of Cossacks (I’ll be adding a second and a squadron of Regular Cavalry), a Battery of 3 x 76.2mm Field Guns, an Austin-Putilov Armoured Car, and for later war battles a Platoon of 2 Trench Mortars.

The Austro-Hungarians are a similar size, with an Infantry Battalion of 2 Schützen (Infantry) Companies, 2 Feldjäger Companies (and I will be adding a Tyrolean Kaiserjäger Company as well later), and a Company of 3 x M07/12 Schwarzlose MGs. Their supports include a Squadron of Hussars, a Battery of 3 x 77mm Field Guns, an Armoured Car, and as with the Russians a couple of Trench Mortars for later war battles.

The Russian figures are mostly Copplestone (Back of Beyond) with Battle Honors providing the Cavalry, Guns, MGs, etc. The Austro-Hungarian Infantry are Renegade again with Battle Honors providing the Cavalry, Guns, MGs.

I’ve got some additional unpainted troops to add to these forces to finish them off; the Russians will be gaining a Battalion HQ and as noted 2 more Squadrons of Cavalry (a second Cossack one and a Regular Cavalry unit) – mostly Battle Honors with a few Copplestone Cossacks and Brigade Games Officers. Meanwhile the Austro-Hungarians will also be gaining a Battalion HQ, plus the additional Infantry Company of Tyrolean Kaiserjäger  – all Brigade Games figs. This will make both forces similar in size to my existing Turks.

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