Rorke’s Drift Ready To Go

It’s been a long process, working on my Anglo-Zulu War Armies, and although the figures are all painted (and have been for nearly 10 years) they still await their basing completed. Luckily the terrain is a happier story, thanks to my good friend Kieran (6mm Wargaming), who has now completed my Warlord Games Rorke’s Drift. As mentioned previously (Rorke’s Drift Update) I pre-ordered this on initial release and it arrived in 2013 – and now, no more than 4 years later, it’s ready for action! While there’s still some minor detailing to finish it off I couldn’t resist putting up some pictures to hopefully inspire myself (and anyone else out there) to get the project onto the table for a game! I hope Kieran’s terrain modelling kills inspire a few other Anglo-Zulu Wargamers as well as me.

The Defence of Rorke’s Drift 1879

While slightly stylised I’m extremely pleased with how this has come out – Kieran and I worked on about 4 different plans and ideas for the layout but they were either going to be too large to be practical or, if smaller, look wrong or out of proportion. This size (approx. 5′ x 2′) looks about right, is as close to the real terrain as you’d need for gaming, and is both large enough to allow games to ‘work’ (with rules such as TSATF), while not being so large it’s difficult to transport and store. Both buildings are removable to be used elsewhere independently for other games, and the Kraal section at the north-east end has an additional piece to allow it to be used separately as a small hill for non-Rorke’s Drift games…

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  • Gary Vikar

    Excellent work sir on Rorkes rift. I can smell the fumes of the black powder from the rifles.