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Desert Column: Colonial Sudan Inspiration!

Frank at LAF's "Desert Column"

If you are looking for inspiration to do the Sudan in the 1880’s look no further than Frank at the Lead Adventure Forum’s latest effort for some beautifully painted figures and wonderfully atmospheric photos…

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Is That A Real-Life Photo Or A Model?

Got pointed to the Country Gate (the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway in 009 scale) site today – or rather specifically the Making Buildings From Foamboard page featuring some absolutely fantastic model buildings and a great tutorial by Emmanuel Nouaillier; it’s

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Joe Town – A Wild West Inspiration!

Gazing down the thoroughfare of "Joe Town"...

“That theer’s a town ‘in a half yer varmmits!” And there is nothing more I need to say – just check it out yourself at Roly’s Dressing The Lines blog.

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Some Exceptional Sudan Inspiration

Sudan Inspiration

If anyone ever needed inspiration to game the Sudan, most especially with the Perry’s range of figures then this is it – Frank & Björn have absolutely set an amazing benchmark for figure painting & terrain – the image here

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Charles Grant’s ‘Battle’ – Free Online

Charles Grant’s “Battle – Practical Wargaming” is one of the classics of the old school who were the original ‘modern-era’ wargaming generation – but what a lot of people don’t realise is that it was actually first published as a

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World Crossfire Day 2009

What was it? World Crossfire Day grew out of the desire of a large group of Crossfire players from around the world to do something to promote the rule set we all love; Crossfire. After discussing numerous alternatives it was

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World CrossFire Day!

A large group of Crossfire players from around the world have decided to promote Crossfire by having a “World Crossfire Day” in April, Read More Here (at Lloydian Aspects)… and World Crossfire Day 2009 here at Wargaming.info.

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Roundie Town

Gunslingers slink into town down an alleyway...

The following is a brief photo gallery of the Auckland Wargaming Club’s Wild West Town, entirely scratch built by member Wayne “Roundie” Steward and photographed by member Kieran Mahony. It is the scene of many a gun fight by the

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El Segundo

Kieran's El Segundo Mexican Town

The town of El Segundo, from the collection of, and entirely scratch built by Kieran Mahony – one of the Auckland Wargaming Club’s more prolific model & terrain makers! Kieran says the name was inspired by the hip-hop song “I

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