Gordon & Hague 15mm Plastic ACW Packs

Bulk Packs Of American Civil War Plastic 15mm Figures

Interesting new product line for the 15mm gamers out there – from Gordon & Hague in the USA – Packs of 100 plastic 15mm scale ACW figures, with an assortment of about 80 infantry 10 cavalry, and 2 guns & crew, plus movement trays per base (total of 125 parts per box). Available from today (a Union & a Confederate Pack), with additional expansion packs due in March 2013. Professionally sculptured by a quality UK Figure sculpture too apparently.

Union Army Box 15mm Unpainted.

Union Army Box 15mm Unpainted.

The world’s first line of 15mm American Civil War Hard Plastic Miniatures! Gordon & Hague proudly presents their new range of 15mm ACW Wargame Miniatures. Each box comes with 100 finely detailed miniatures and 26 pre-textured movement trays. The figures come completely assembled, so no spending hours and hours gluing hundreds of limbs and weapons into place! The movement trays have indented slots so that the miniatures can fit snug into place allowing ease of movement on the battlefield.

Box Contents:

  • 20 Infantry with slouch hats advancing*
  • 50 infantry with kepis advancing*
  • 5 infantry captains
  • 4 artillery crewmen
  • 5 infantrymen with flagpoles
  • 5 cavalry riders with swords
  • 1 cavalry rider with flag pole
  • 1 Mounted Officer
  • 7 horses
  • 2 artillery guns
  • 20 pre-textured infantry movement trays
  • 3 pre-textured cavalry movement trays
  • 2 pre-textured artillery movement tray
  • 1 pre-textured officer movement tray

* The Confederate Pack inverts these ratios (i.e. 50 in slouch hats & 20 in kepis).

Price: $34.99

Additional Packs in March will presumably be specialist Cavalry (Mounted and/or Dismounted) & Artillery Packs, and/or possibly Zouaves or other non-standard Infantry. Available on-line now from Gordon & Hague.

Confederate Army Box 15mm Unpainted.

Confederate Army Box 15mm Unpainted.

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