Operation Crossfire: A World Wargaming Event

Following on from the hugely successful “World Crossfire Day” event in 2009 is Operation Crossfire, another global Crossfire event staged in 2014. Originally mooted in July 2010 (see my Operation Crossfire: 11 September 2010 post) it was unfortunately postponed, but finally took place 4 years later. “Operation Crossfire” may well have been another world first as it was a wargame played on many tables around the world simultaneously, with two overall commanders basing their decisions on the e-mails sent to them during the game from the individual players and the the overall referee. View this introductory video by Nikolas Lloyd, covering the concept of the event and how it was planned and structured. This video served as the promotional advertisement for the event…

I wanted to create an event that would simulate the feel of a big operation, with all its communication problems and fog of war. In WWII, battalion commanders knew a fair amount about what was happening in their little sectors of the front, but often next to nothing of what was happening elsewhere…

Now read on to hear about some of the battles in Operation Crossfire: The Battle Reports.

Find more in the ‘Operation Crossfire’ series (including both the Operation Crossfire World Gaming Event & Crossfire FAQ Videos) by Nikolas Lloyd on You Tube.

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