Operation Crossfire: The Battle Reports

As described in my Operation Crossfire: A World Wargaming Event post Nikolas Lloyd had organised to stage a global Crossfire game that featured players in many countries all playing Crossfire games simultaneously, and games that were connected to each other and controlled (if that’s the right word) by an overall C-in-C who did not have direct visibility or access to any of the games other than via email!

Operation Crossfire Allied Strategic Map

Operation Crossfire Allied Map

Operation Crossfire Axis Strategic Map

Operation Crossfire Axis Map

DEE / FROH Sector

Reported by Ross Kearns (report hosted by Steven Thomas), the Allied Commander – Dee Sector saw the Allied forces endeavouring to eliminate a German Heavy Anti-Aircraft position en-route to a potential river ford. Pioneers were present and their job was to determine if (a) the river could be forded by tanks here and if not (b) was it practical for a pontoon or improvised bailey bridge or similar to be constructed over the river – ideally the Allied High Command wished to passed mobile armoured forces across the river by nightfall to cut off German forces to the West. As DEE SUNRAY (Allied Commander, Dee Sector) Ross details the Dee Sector “Operation Crossfire” Allied Battle Report.

Operation Crossfire DEE/FROH Sector - Pioneers assess the River

Operation Crossfire DEE/FROH Sector – Pioneers assess the River

The Bridge At Stockach (HUMBER / FAFNER Sector)

In the North the Allied forces had a combined assault on the critical town of Stockach by U.S Infantry & Light Tanks from the South and a U.S. Airborne force from the North. Unknown to the allied force a camouflaged German Radar Station is also in the sector along with a hidden armoured reserve (an assorted platoon of German light, medium & heavy tanks & tank destroyers), the latter taking the U.S. forces unaware. John Dillon take sup recounting the battle from the Allied Commander’s perspective on his blog: Operation Crossfire @ War In Black And White.

Operation Crossfire HUMBER/GUNTHER Sector - The Bridge At Stockach

Operation Crossfire HUMBER/GUNTHER Sector – The Bridge At Stockach

ISIS / GUNTHER (Seestrasse) Sector

The Seestrasse Sector battle was hosted by Steven Thomas, and he has provided a summary of the briefing and game set-up. For this game Soviet’s stepped in as the Allied Force and their objective was to secure the town’s communication hub (road & rail network) but also push armoured forces out to the North to support a neighbouring Allied force. Meanwhile the Germans were endeavouring to load a train to transport several medium & heavy tanks, while also seeking fuel for the operational tanks helping with the defence. Meanwhile covert forces from both sides were present and the players were unaware of what their purpose or activity was… Steven provides a detailed Seestrasse Sector “Operation Crossfire” Battle Report.

Operation Crossfire Seestrasse Sector

Operation Crossfire Seestrasse Sector


Despite not everything working as planned Operation Crossfire was deemed a great success by all those who were involved, and who unanimously reported it added to their games with the whole sense of being part of something greater and that choices they made could affect their side elsewhere on the other gaming tables…

Now, in clonclusion, view the (sometimes entertaining) Aftermath Wrap-Up by designer, organiser and master wizard Nikolas Lloyd in Operation Crossfire: World Event Aftermath.

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