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I Couldn’t Resist Indus

Indus Indian Irregular Cavalry or Pindari with Bows

I recently stumbled across Indus Miniatures – and when they announced a 20% off ‘Thanks Giving‘ Sale I couldn’t resist getting a few – even though they are aimed at the Indian 18th Century to Mutiny era rather than the later NWF

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Return to the English Civil War

There has been a fair bit of recent discussion on the Auckland Wargaming Club group about doing a Basic Baroque 15mm ECW (English Civil War) tournament or mini-campaign. Basic Baroque is a variant to Basic Impetus & Impetus. Now I’m

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Mystery Colonial Italian Gun?

Can you identify this mysterious Italian Mountain Gun…? Askari Miniatures produce the illustrated Italian Mountain Gun – and while it is modelled on actual photographs of Italian guns it has not been positively identified exactly what model and calibre the

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