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Blücher By Sam Mustafa

Blücher Battle with Miniatures

Early this year Sam Mustafa will be releasing his latest game system in his “Honour” series, Blücher, which provides the ability to fight grand-tactical type games in the Napoleonic Wars. One units, stand, or counter, represents a Brigade or Regiment (incorporating multiple-battalions)

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“Maurice” Reviewed

Maurice Rulebook Cover

For those interested but who may not have seen it – there is a fairly comprehensive Audio-Visual review of Maurice on YouTube by Shieldwall100. Watching it again, its enough to make me want to get back to my WSS project

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A Theft Most Foul


Many Wargamers may not have had to experience it – but recently in New Zealand a local wargamer had his entire Warhammer collection stolen from his car during a storm (along with his PC, Xbox, etc). Likely the thieves don’t

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Win An Airbrush Compressor Competition

Win a Bambi BB8 Silent Air Compressor

Air Supplies in the UK are running a competition for model makers on their site. In a nutshell they’re asking you to show them your favourite model from your collection. Trains, Warhammer, Wargaming, Airfix, Table Top Gaming, etc – it doesn’t

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Stunning M42 Twin-Forty Night Shots

Opening salvo: The assault on the sniper's position begins with rounds fired from the 40mm auto-cannons on an M42 anti-aircraft tank.

A friend recently sent me a link to these stunning Vietnam War photos of an M42 Twin-Forty “Duster” in action at night against a ground target in Vietnam in 1970 (The image is © James Speed Hensinger / Rex Feat). “A

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Blenheim Redux! Another Take With Maurice…

Maurice Rulebook Cover

Back in December 2011 before Sam Mustafa’s full version of  “Maurice” was released Cam and I had been play testing it. As I previously posted we had done a re-fight of Blenheim, but weren’t completely happy with how we modelled the terrain and the armies – so with

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More Secrets Of Wargame Design

More Secrets Of Wargame Design Cover

Following on from Wally Simon’s SECRETS OF WARGAME DESIGN: A Tabletop Toolkit of Ideas, Analysis, and Rule Mechanics (Volume 1), Russ Lockwood (of MagWeb fame and now the Center for Provocative Wargaming) has now published a second work in the series entitled:

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Press Release: Wally Simon’s Secrets Of Wargame Design

Wally Simon's Secrets Of Wargame Design - Volume 1 Cover

Russ Lockwood has just published a booklet entitled: Wally Simon’s SECRETS OF WARGAME DESIGN: A Tabletop Toolkit of Ideas, Analysis, and Rule Mechanics (Volume 1). As you may know, Wally Simon was one of the founders of Historical Miniatures Gaming

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John Curry’s “History Of Wargaming” Upate

On the 04 May 2012 John Curry sent the following update out concerning his “History of Wargaming” project for those who may not have seen it: This is a short occasional update on the publishing progress of the History of Wargaming Project.

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Some Great New WWII Dragon Armor

Dragon Armor has announced in the last few weeks the release of several of their new models planned for the 2011-2012 period, as many will know the Japanese Type 95 Ha-Go and Type 97 Chi-Ha have both been released (there

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Blenheim 1704: A Maurice (Refight) Experience

Looking towards Blenheim from behind Eugène's position with Schwenenbach in the left foreground

Following on from our two previous outings with Maurice (see Maurice: First Game Impressions and Maurice: Second Game & More Thoughts), Cam and I decided to have a go at a historical refight – deciding on Blenheim, so last weekend

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Maurice – Second Game & More Thoughts

British Troops advance on the village of Blenheim 1704 - Mary Evans

So a week after our first game Cam and I set about a second – the plan this time to start to try and be a bit more savvy and also Cam decided on a gimmicky “All Infantry” army to see

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Maurice – First Game Impressions

WF WSS Cavalry as French Grenadier a Cheval de la Maison du Roi, Line Trooper and a Dragoon, by Steve Cady (of Castles of Tin)

A few weeks ago Sam Mustafa announced his latest rule set he would be publishing, “Maurice”, which would cover the rump of the 18th Century and include Campaign and Imagi-Nations aspects… This was especially interesting to me as I have

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Maurice Lite Is Here…

Maurice - Cover

Sam Mustafa has just announced today that Maurice Lite is available to download at his Honour Games Website. Maurice Lite is basically a stripped down version of Maurice, sans the advanced rules and the more detailed parts of the standard

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