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Empress 1840’s New Zealand Wars Māori and Colonial Figures

Roly's NZ Wars Empress Figures

Roly over at “Dressing The Lines” has got his first batch of NZ Wars figures done, and I must say they are looking pretty smashing! He’s done a great job of them and also of giving the bases a New

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A Wadi near Chunuk Bair

As the morning fog cleared the companies of Australian & British Troops moved into the wadi below the height known as Chunuk Bair – their mission to secure the hills on the far side for the following battalions to assault

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Johnny Turk & the ANZACs

For quite some time I’ve been wanting to get into some Great War gaming in 28mm using TSATF. As such I have a small force of German Schutztruppe for Africa that can double as pre-WW1 Colonial forces or the German

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Time To Do ‘The Pacific’ with Crossfire

I’ve always had an interest in the Pacific Theatre, most especially the 14th Army in Burma & Malaya, and the early U.S. Marine operations such as in the Solomon’s (as the 3rd NZ Division was involved in additional actions in

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Eyes from Ethiopia

In November 2008, New Zealand Photographer Kate MacPherson introduced sixteen children from Mercy Home in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to digital cameras. All had come either directly from living on the streets or from extremely poor and underprivileged backgrounds and had

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Maori Wars: Colonial New Zealand Buildings

Howick Historical Village Raupo

New Zealand’s main Colonial Growth occurred in a period before and simultaneous to the American Civil War, as a result many major buildings from the 1840-1880 period closely resemble the same style of construction as was common in North America

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