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Polish Army Video 1939

Polish 7TP Light Tank

Here’s a fantastic video of the Polish Army’s equipment (taken sometime pre-September 1939) showing lots of great shots of things like Bofors 37mm AT & 40mm AA Guns, both types of tanks (the Vickers and the 7TP), Armoured Cars, Infantry

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The New Zealand Tiki Squadrons (2)

23 Squadron Tiki Nose Art RNZAF 1944

Continuing on from The New Zealand Tiki Squadrons (1) there were further examples of tiki art in use by the New Zealand military (in both the RAF and the RNZAF) during World War II. Next up is No. 135 Squadron RAF stationed in

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The New Zealand Tiki Squadrons (1)

75 Squadron Tiki Nose Art RAF 1943

A friend of mine has been researching the use of tiki symbolism in New Zealand prior to the 1950’s, and most notably it’s use in military units and formations. A German author, Sven Kirstin, has written 3 books about tiki pop culture (published

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U.S. Army 1944 Firing Test No.3

U.S. Army Firing Tests conducted August 1944 by 12th U.S. Army Group at Isigny, France. Board of Officers APO 655 30 August 1944 SUBJECT: Final report of board of officers appointed to determine comparative effectiveness of ammunition of 76mm gun

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U.S. Army 1944 Firing Test No.2

Firing Tests conducted 12-30 July 1944 by 1st U.S. Army in Normandy. REPORT OF PROCEEDINGS OF BOARD OF OFFICERS Organization: Headquarters, First U.S. Army. Place: APO 230, U.S. Army. Proceddings of a board of officers which convened at Headquarters, First

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U.S. Army 1944 Firing Test No.1

Report on Comparative Firing Program Witnessed at Shoeburyness, Essex, 23 May 1944 by U.S. Army Headquarters ETO representatives. ARMORED FIGHTING VEHICLES & WEAPONS SECTION APO 887 319.1 – 24 May 1944 MEMORANDUM TO: Executive Officer, AFV&W Section, Hq., ETOUSA. SUBJECT:

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Effectiveness of British (& U.S.) Tank Guns

Effectiveness of Guns and typical AFV Ammo Loads in British Service (including some U.S. Types). This is a 1944 British War Office Document.

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Determining Shot Penetration Characteristics

The penetration of AP (Armour Piercing) Shot is determined primarily by its weight and velocity at the moment of impact. Other factors can influence it’s velocity (such as wind, pressure and atmospherics), or its ability to “bite” into the armour

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Table of Compound Angles of Impact

The Angle of Impact on Armour Plate with the Angle of Attack in the Horizontal Plane Formula: Cosine (Compound Angle) = Cosine (Vertical Angle) x Cosine (Horizontal Angle) This information above was supplied to me by Jim O’Neil (Arizona, USA),

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Effect of Hardness upon resistance to Penetration

An increase in the hardness of a given thickness of homogeneous armour may result in an increase or in a decrease or in no change at all in resistance to penetration, depending upon the ratio of the thickness of the

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Sahariana: “The Desert Jeep”

As used by Italian Reconnaissance Groups Designation Officially the Camionetta 42 ‘Sahariana’ – however, they are also referred to as – Camionetta ‘Sahariana’ AS 42 – or – Camionetta SPA 43 ‘Sahariana’ – (and incidentally the word Sahariana is singular,

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Giovani Fascisti: The “Young Fascists” (GGFF)

Gruppo di battaglioni GGFF – Giovani Fascisti (at Bir el Gubi, November 1941) GRUPPO GGFF HEADQUARTERS COMPANY GRUPPO GGFF MG COMPANY COY HQ 3 MG PLATOONS (each 3 x MMGs)

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Camicie Nere: The Blackshirts (MVSN & CCNN Combat Units)

M.V.S.N – The Milizia Voluntaria per la Sicurezza Nazionale The MVSN started out as an organization not unlike the German S.A. (Brown Shirts), i.e. a Fascist Militia. They were purely a “Party” orientated organization, and like their German Counterparts wore

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